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Meld is extremely easy to install - just untar and run. You can simply make a symlink to the untarred executable. (Optionally "make" to generate translations)

If you find or create packages for meld, please mail me so that I can add a link on this page.

Debian Linux

Ross Burton has kindly generated a meld debian package : apt-get install meld


The ports collection now has a meld port

Redhat Linux

Dag Wieers has provided meld RPM packages. Or use his Apt repository


Bill Hayden made an unofficial patch for pygtk 2.4 ZZ Or use his Apt repository Dag Wieers has provided meld RPM packages.

Gentoo Linux

Gentoo has included a meld ebuild.

Fedora Linux

Philip Compton has packages available for meld on Fedora Core.


Cedric Briner has packaged meld for Solaris.

Jim Walker has packaged meld for OpenSolaris.

Mac OS X

Daniel E. Macks has made a meld fink package.


There is now a meld pkgsrc package.


Everson Santos Araujo has made a meld slackware package.


Mandriva ships with a meld package by G├Ątz Waschk.


For packages, search for meld at One click install.

Source Install

Install pygtk. Most platforms now have precompiled packages.

Install gtksourceview (optional). Install this if you want syntax highlighting.

Install intltool (optional). Meld uses intltool to generate translations. You can skip this step if you always want to run meld in english.

Install meld Untar meld.tgz, run "make" to build the translations (optional) and run "./meld"


BSD, AIX users did you have to do anything special?

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